Going to Great Lengths: UK Young Leader Talia Jacobs Treks 100km to Raise £2,000 for ALEH

Going to Great Lengths: UK Young Leader Talia Jacobs Treks 100km to Raise £2,000 for ALEH

From May 25-26, Talia Jacobs, a member of the Young Leadership Committee of the British Friends of ALEH, tackled the storied 100 km “London to Brighton Challenge” to raise funds for the children of ALEH.  Walking day and night without a wink of sleep, Talia spent the entirety of her Bank Holiday weekend trekking from the capital to the coast.  

Though she considered throwing in the towel at times and had to push through the pain and ward off exhaustion, Talia summoned the strength to charge forward, knowing that by pushing her limits, she would afford the children of ALEH opportunities to do the same.  Through grit and determination, Talia reached the finish line on the Brighton seaside, successfully raising £2,000 to provide medical equipment for the ALEH residents, a persistent urgent need.  We are awestruck by Talia’s strength of spirit and immensely grateful for her incredible generosity!

I have managed to hit £2000 in donations to Aleh which I’m super happy about! In terms of the walk itself, the London to Brighton challenge is the most painful, slightly traumatic and emotional experience and on reflection the most amazing. It challenged me physically (the leg and feet pains are unimaginable) but the biggest challenge is mental. I went through every emotion possible and for the last 33KM I pretty much cried constantly because of my physical pain and exhaustion (walking through the night is honestly horrific).

I wanted to drop out at around 60KM but with the help of all the wonderful people around me (including my incredible parents who visited at every opportunity) I managed to somehow push through 💪. I can’t currently walk without assistance and I am slightly scarred from the experience but I am SO glad I managed to do it especially as I was doing it all for Aleh and the amazing work that you do.

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