How Will My Donation Help?

By donating to ALEH, you will ensure that we continue providing the best available care for our children with severe complex disabilities, allowing them to enjoy life and reach their fullest potentials


Day Trips

ALEH residents delight in trips to the zoo, the beach and picnic spots in nature. With your help, we tackle the complicated logistical planning required to ensure the safety of the children and organise day trips more often.

Project Safe Kids

To provide the best possible care for our residents, special training seminar are required to train staff and parents how to create safe conditions for children with complex disabilities.

Medical Specialists Program

Hiring physicians in diverse specialities to treat ALEH’s children on an on-going basis will prevent serious medical complications.

Professional Fitness Instructor

Hiring a professional fitness instructor will help ALEH kids derive maximum benefit from the specialized treadmill on premises and thereby improve mobility .

Safari Petting Zoo Program

ALEH’s animal therapy program provides children with complex disabilities with ongoing opportunities to bond with and care for animal, providing sensory stimulation, motor skills development, and a platform for vocational work.

Personal Aid Program

At ALEH’s Special Education Schools, individualized learning programs that provide one-on-one personal attention from the staff to the children have made all the difference.