ALEH Mitzvah day activity @ OGR Stock Denton

ALEH Mitzvah day activity @ OGR Stock Denton


A wonderful start to Mitzvah Day 2018 at Finchley law firm, OGR Stock Denton Solicitors, who decided to mention Mitzvah Day by supporting the children of ALEH in Israel last Tuesday.
Associates and partners joined forces over pizza and snacks and got crafty for ALEH’s children. They created special sensory Chanukah cards which will be sent to ALEH in Israel, to brighten up the children’s holiday and to decorate their bedrooms at the ALEH Centre in Jerusalem.

The Director of the British Friends of ALEH, Liron Rosiner Reshef, joined them on the day. Liron talked about ALEH’s transformative rehabilitation and care approach, and its comprehensive services, which are changing the lives of over 750 children and young adults across Israel. ALEH is Israel’s leading organisation caring for children with complex disabilities and complicated medical conditions. ALEH’s empowering philosophy of finding the ability within disability has a phenomenal impact on the children, who otherwise would not have an opportunity to reach their full potential and live life to the fullest.

The solicitors were moved by the presentation and the stories of ALEH’s children and played their part – by donating not just their money, but importantly their time. They said how much they enjoyed making the cards, and how meaningful it felt to bond with the children through creating these special sensory cards which they could physically feel and appreciate. OGR Stock Denton’s Mitzvah Day was in honour #Mitzvah4Pittsburgh.


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